DVDShrink is an old but still very useful program to “shrink” video DVDs that have more than 4.7 GiB of data to fit single-layer DVD media. We used it to compress the DVD of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” DVD to 4.7 GiB. The results below are given in seconds, so the lower the better.

Core i7-5960X review 

In this test, for our surprise, the other two CPUs included in our review were about 206% faster than the Core i7-5960X. We made some experiments and discovered that, with more than eight processing threads available, DVDShrink uses only one of them. As we mentioned before, DVDShrink is an old program and is not prepared to run on a CPU with a high core count. So, the very bad performance here is due to a bug in this particular software.