We used the DivX converter, a tool included in the DivX package, in order to measure the encoding performance using this codec. The DivX codec is, at least theorethically, capable of recognizing and using all available cores and the SSE4 instruction set.

We converted a Full HD, six-minute long .mov video file into a .avi file, using the “HD 1080p” output profile.

The results below are given in seconds, so the lower the better.

Core i7-5960X review 

On DivX encoding, the Core i7-5960X was 35% faster than the FX-9590, but 6% slower than the Core i7-4770K.

This means that the software was unable to recognize all sixteen threads. We asked Intel about it and they answered that they are working along with DivX developers to provide this support soon.