The news about the Intel seventh generation Core i processors that thrilled overclocking enthusiast was with no doubt the launch of an unlocked Core i3 CPU. So far, only high-end (expensive) CPUs had this feature.

On our tests, we discovered that the Core i3-7350K is a great CPU, with nice cost/benefit ratio, but not as good as the Core i3-7100. The performance difference between both CPUs is about 7%, but the Core i3-7350K costs 42% more than the Core i3-7100. So, if you are looking for a CPU with great cost/benefit ratio, the Core i3-7100 is still the better choice.

Compared to the Core i5-7400, we can say the Core i3-7350K has similar overwall performance: while it is faster on single-thread applications (due to its higher clock), it is slower in programs that use the four cores present on the Core i5. It should be a good choice if it was less expensive, but with its price so close to the Core i5-7400, it is a little obfuscated by it. And it doesn’t come with a cooler, which makes it less attractive to the average user.

On the other hand, if you are into overclocking, the scenario is different: the Core i3-7350K has already a high clock rate, and it has the potential to reach 5.0 GHz. So, it is a great deal for the users it was designed for: enthusiast and overclockers, which don’t want an expensive high-end CPU. If is it your case, the Core i3-7350K is a great choice.