As we mentioned before, the Core i3-7350K has unlocked clock multiplier, which means you can overclocking it just by changing its multiplier, as long as the motherboard has this feature.

With the original 1.2 V Vcore, we were able to configure the CPU to run stable at 4.6 GHz (100 MHz reference clock and x46 multiplier). Raising the core voltage to 1.35V, it reached 4.9 GHz (100 MHz x 49) with tested stability on Prime95.

It may be possible to reach higher frequencies (even above 5.0 GHz) if you “play” with the available adjusts, as long as you have a good power supply, motherboard, and cooling system.

It is clear that the Core i3-7350K has an excellent potential for overclocking. However, it is good to keep in mind that the overclock capability depends on pure luck, since two CPUs of same model can reach different maximum clocks.