When we tested the CM Storm QuickFire Pro keyboard, we pointed out that it was a simple model, with neither extra USB ports nor programmable functions, and it had only a few illuminated keys. Now the company is releasing the Trigger, which is basically a more advanced version of the QuickFire Pro, with everything that was missing previously. Let’s describe the product and then evaluate the new features.

CM TriggerFigure 1: CM Trigger

Just like the QuickFire Pro, the Trigger catches the eye with its sturdiness. It weighs 2.78 Lbs (1.3 kg), so it doesn’t move on the table. Although it keeps the all too familiar rectangular shape of a keyboard, the peripheral has an unusual outline, with a dented grip on the top and a small recess below the arrows, just to make things more interesting design-wise. It’s a beautiful product, resembling a military keyboard, like an armored laptop used on the battlefield. The keys and border are black against a dark gray base.

CM TriggerFigure 2: Macro keys

On the left side there are five macro keys. Beside the left Control button, there is a button with the CM Storm symbol where the Windows button would be. This new key can be pressed at the same time with the F1-F12 function keys to run specific features (we’ll talk more about that later).

CM TriggerFigure 3: Function keys

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