The long line of gaming-grade mice from CM Storm finally gets a medium-sized model, the Havoc. With a right-handed design and Omron micro switches (from Japan), the Havoc has eight programmable buttons, and it provides an exceptional sliding experience, thanks to some physical characteristics we will detail now. Afterwards, we will talk about its software and performance during gameplay and work-related tasks.

HavocFigure 1: Havoc Mouse

The Havoc has a rubberized central part, a shiny plastic right side, and a rugged rubber coating on the left side, where the thumb rests. On top of this niche, there are three special buttons, also rubber-coated.

HavocFigure 2: Left side

The Havoc has four LEDs on the upper left corner to show which sensitivity setting is currently on. Below the rubber-coated illuminated scrollwheel, the user finds two buttons to alter the resolution. All those extra buttons, plus the main right and left switches and the scrollwheel, can be reconfigured using CM Storm’s application, which can be downloaded from the company’s website. (The package does not include an installation CD.)

HavocFigure 3: Right side

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