Truly Useful New Stuff

Eye-Fi SD Memory Card

While the Eye-Fi  SD memory card was available last year, this year they have added support for video. When you use this card in your camera or camcorder you can send images and/or video right from the camera to the Internet. This year’s model will also let you share your videos in real time over the Internet. The Eye-Fi card won this year’s CES  “Last Gadget Standing Award” . The new card is not yet in production, but promises to be one of the truly useful new gadgets.

CES 2009: Gadgets GaloreFigure 1: Eye-Fi SD Memory Card.

Motorola MotoZine ZN5

The MotoZine is a joint effort between Kodak and Motorola. It’s a cell phone with a really good camera that lets you upload your photos instantly to the web via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or MMS.  The 5-megapixel camera has flash, autofocus and plenty of memory. The phone has an FM Radio and a TV out. It’s a fully enabled camera phone that sets the bar a little higher for all future camera phones.

Motorola Motozine ZN5Figure 2: Motorola MotoZine ZN5.

Samsung HMX-H106 SSD Camcorder

This year Samsung is releasing three high definitions camcorders that record on SSD.  The H106 has a 64GB while the H104 and H105 have 16GB and 32GB, respectively. This new storage offers a wealth of improvements for consumers. SSDs have no moving parts, so they use much less battery power. They are also faster and less resistant to mechanical failure. Since SSDs are smaller than hard drives, the devices that use them can be much smaller. This is a win-win for consumers.

Samsung HMX-H106 SSD CamcorderFigure 3: Samsung HMX-H106 SSD Camcorder.


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