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Roccat Isku Keyboard Review

The new gaming-grade model features the same EasyShift[+] technology from the Roccat Kone[+] mouse, which increases the number of programmable functions. Let’s test it.

Corsair Vengeance K90 Keyboard Review

Corsair releases a mechanical keyboard for RPGs and strategy games within the new Vengeance brand. Check out our test.

SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Review

SteelSeries has released a basic version of its Apex gaming-grade peripheral. The illuminated rubber switch keyboard features advanced macro programming in an elegant body. Let’s test it.

OCZ Elixir Keyboard Review

Our test of the Elixir, the first gaming keyboard to come out of OCZ’s Alchemy line.

Gigabyte Aivia K8100 Keyboard Review

Inspired by the design of luxury sports cars, the Aivia introduces new features to the gaming keyboard market. See what they are.

Logitech G15 Keyboard Review

We tested the newest version of the G15 keyboard from Logitech, which features a LCD display, backlit keys, special keys and much more.

CM Storm QuickFire Pro Keyboard Review

New gaming-grade peripheral features illuminated mechanical keys on a sturdy body. Check out our test.

KeyScan KS810 Keyboard-Scanner Review

The convergence between a keyboard and a scanner gives birth to this singular product. Is it a good option to have them on the same device? Let's see.

CM Storm Trigger Keyboard Review

This illuminated mechanical model with programmable functions is a more advanced version of its predecessor, the QuickFire Pro. Read our evaluation.

Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard Review

A look at the new Aurora Micro Wireless, a small wireless aluminum keyboard for your home theater PC or video game console.