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Daniel Barros lives in Brazil and used to be our motherboard reviewer. He is a partner at a local PC sales and maintenance store.

MSI K8N Diamond Plus Motherboard Review

Our review of the latest high-end socket 939 motherboard from MSI, based on nForce 4 SLI X16 chipset and coming with a hi-quality vacuum tube-based on-board audio!

How To Correctly Apply Thermal Paste

Here is everything you need to know about thermal paste, including a complete guide full of pictures. Learn how to correctly apply it in order to prevent your CPU from overheating.

How to Overclock a Socket 775 Pentium 4

It is not so easy to overclock socket 775 Pentium 4 since Intel 915 and 925 chipsets have a protection against overclocking. Learn how to be successful in overclocking this type of CPU.

Sempron vs. Athlon XP

What is the difference between Sempron and Athlon XP processors? Learn in this tutorial. Includes tables with specs of all Sempron and Athlon XP models.

How to Correctly Assemble PCs with Pentium 4 Prescott

Pentium 4 with Prescott core has new specs for cooling, case and power supply. A lot of people is assembling PCs using "old" products with their new Pentium 4 and the PC is overheating, slowing down or the power supply is simply burning.