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Brazilian and blog addict, Alessandra Carneiro is a journalist who frequently reports on technology, the Internet, and everything mobile that has a circuit in it. She used to be our news editor and was also former assistant editor at O Dia Newspaper (RJ). She lives in Rio, but loves rainy days.

iPod Nano Mono-Chromatic Review

Apple has scratched last year’s design in favor of a comeback to the iPod Nano’s roots. Let’s see what we think about the new iPod nano model.
Explosive Cell Phone

Explosive Cell Phones

Learn more about the cell phones that explode, an increasing problem all around the world.

Lexmark HQ Tour in Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Lexmark's HQ is a huge R&D center. Check it out how was our visit there and understand why ink cartridges are not so cheap.

Which Technology is Better: GSM vs CDMA?

A lot of discussion has been done recently around the GSM and CDMA cell phone standards. But which one is better?