Voltage Regulator

The CPU voltage regulator circuit of the ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Champion has 12 phases for the CPU main voltage (Vcc a.k.a. Vcore), two for the CPU VSA voltage (memory controller), and two for the CPU VTT voltage (PCI Express and DMI interfaces). Therefore, it uses a “12+2+2” configuration. The voltage regulator is controlled by an ISL6367 integrated circuit, using a hybrid design.

ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Champion motherboardFigure 10: Voltage regulator circuit

The ASRock X79 Fatal1ty Champion uses SMD (a.k.a. highly-conductive polymerized or simply Hi-c) electrolytic capacitors on all voltage regulator circuits, including the memory one. All coils on this motherboard are ferrite-core models, which can provide up to 20% improvement in efficiency. The rest of the electrolytic capacitors used on this motherboard are solid, manufactured in Japan.

If you want to learn more about the voltage regulator circuit, please read our tutorial on the subject.

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