We cannot talk about the DeskMini 110 Mini-PC’s performance because of its main feature: it can be whatever you want. You can build it with a cheap CPU like the Celeron G3900, 4 GiB of RAM and a simple HDD, or you can mount it as a high-end workstation with a Core i7-6700 CPU, 32 GiB of RAM, and three SSDs (one M.2 and two 2.5 inches). And it will perform like a regular full-size PC that uses these components.

The biggest drawback is that you are not able to install a video card in the DeskMini 110, so you cannot turn it into a gaming PC.

However, it is great to build an HTPC, office PC, home PC, or even a powerful workstation in a very compact size.

Strong Points

  • Extremely compact for a desktop computer
  • Supports regular desktop CPUs, even high-end ones, with box cooler
  • Highly and easily upgradeable
  • Supports one M.2 SSD plus two 2.5-inch storage devices
  • Brings one type C USB 3.0 port

Weak points

  • Needs professional assembly, or at least an experienced user
  • Doesn’t support video cards
  • Offers only three Type A USB ports, which is too few
  • Doesn’t offer rear audio connections