Inside the DeskMini 110

Removing four screws, you can slide the motherboard tray from the case. There is a cable that connects the LEDs and the power button.

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 7: removing the tray

Figure 8 shows the ASRock H110M-STX motherboard. It uses the H110 chipset, and offers two SODIMM (“laptop RAM”) sockets, supporting a maximum of 32 GiB of memory, up to DDR4-2400.

There are also two M.2 slots, one type 2230 where you can install a Wi-Fi card (the DeskMini 110W comes with a card here), and one 2280 M.2 slot that supports PCI Express 3.0 x4 SSDs. This slot is not compatible with SATA SSDs.

The card uses an Intel i219V ethernet controller, and the audio codec used is the Realtek ALC283, which support two analog channels, so if you want to use more audio channels, you must use the digital signal on the HDMI or DisplayPort outputs.

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 8: mainboard

Under the motherboard tray, there are two 2.5 inches bays, for installing SSDs or 2.5 inches hard disk drives.

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 9: drive bays

Figure 10 shows the DeskMini 110 with CPU and memory installed. It is amazing that the product supports the standard box cooler. Thanks to the 65 W limit, you can even install a Core i7-6700 CPU (but not the Core i7-6700K, for example).

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 10: memory and CPU installed

Figure 11 shows one 2.5 inches hard disk drive installed. You must use the SATA cables that come with the kit.

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 11: drive installed