Overall view

In Figure 4, you can check the rear of the computer. At the rear panel, there is a 19 V power supply connector, one DisplayPort output, one HDMI output, one VGA output, one type A USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, and one Gigabit Ethernet port.

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 4: rear panel

Figure 5 shows one of the sides of the DeskMini 110. You can stick the four rubber feet here if you want to use it in the vertical position.

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 5: side panel

At the bottom panel, there are other places for the feet (if you want to use it at horizontal position) and the holes for installing a VESA mount.

ASRock DeskMini 100 Mini-PCFigure 6: bottom panel

In the next page, let’s see the inside of the DeskMini 110.