The ASRock Beebox is an amazing product for several different applications. It is good for office use, because of its low price, low-power consumption, and small footprint. It can be also used at home, for text editing, internet browsing, and social media usage, or even at security (as a video recorder/server if you install a USB video capture device). It is also great as a web media player, since the manufacturer claims it can play 4K movies.

The type C USB 3.0 port is a highlight of the product, even if it should take a while to this connector to become more popular.

Strong Points

  • Extremely compact for a desktop computer
  • Low price
  • Supports one mSATA SSD plus a 2.5-inch storage device
  • Comes with a good Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interface
  • Low consumption
  • Fanless, which means it is absolutely quiet
  • Supports up to three video monitors and 4K resolution
  • Brings one type C USB 3.0 port

Weak points

  • Needs professional assembly, or at least an experienced user
  • Could come with an M.2 slot instead of an mSATA slot