In the version we analyzed, the Beebox does not come with RAM or a storage unit installed. There is a version with 2 GiB of RAM, a 32 GiB mSATA SSD, and Windows 10 preinstalled, and another with 4 GiB of RAM, 128 GiB mSATA SSD, and no operating system.

The model we analyzed is interesting because you can install the amount of RAM and the storage unit (SSD or HD) accorging to your needs; this way, you can configure it differently for office tasks, security video recorder, as a multimedia center to watch movies on your living room TV, among several other options. The disadvantage of the barebone model is that you need to buy and install the components.

We missed an M.2 slot to use SSDs that use this form factor.

The analog audio is controlled by a Realtek ALC283 codec. It is a simple codec, with only two channels. However, this is not a limitation, since you will connect the Beebox to your home theater using the HDMI connection, which supports 5.1 and 7.1 audio with no hassle.