Internal components

Removing four screws, you can remove the bottom panel.  As shown in Figure 7, there is a 2.5-inch bay at this panel, where you can install an SSD or a hard drive.

You can also see the Beebox mainboard, with two SODIMM (i.e., “laptop memory”) sockets, compatible with DDR3L (1.35 V) modules.

There are two mini PCI Express slots, one with an WiFi/Bluetooth adapter compatible with the IEEE 802.11ac  dual-band standard, using a Realtek RTL8821AE chip. The second mini PCI Express slot is empty and is also compatible with mSATA SSDs.

ASRock BeeboxFigure 7: inside the Beebox

Removing the mainboard from the case, you can see its other side, where the CPU is located. Figure 8 shows the heatsink, which has a thermal adhesive (the light green rectangle) that allows the case to act as a heatsink.

ASRock BeeboxFigure 8: mainboard

Figure 9 shows the mainboard with the heatsink (at the left) removed, making the processor visible.

ASRock BeeboxFigure 9: heatsink removed