The Power Supply

Playstation 3’s power supply can be seen in Figure 12. It is manufactured by Delta (model EADP-260AP).

Sony Playstation 3Figure 12: The power supply.

This power supply provides two outputs, +12 V (up to 21.5 A) and +5 V (up to 0.6 A). This translates in a maximum power of 261 W (and hence the “260” on the model number). The +12 V output is available on the bottom of the unit through a two-pin female plug, while the +5 V output is available on a side connector that also has a pin for the on/off (actually a standby) switch available on the front panel of the console. You can see this connector in Figure 12, where a cable with three white wires is connected.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 13: The +12 V output on the power supply.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 14: The +12 V input on the motherboard.

On Figures 15 and 16 you have an overall look inside the power supply from Playstation 3. As you can see, the power supply does not have a fan. All capacitors present on the power supply are Japanese, from Chemi-Con, Rubycon and Nichicon.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 15: Inside the power supply.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 16: Inside the power supply.

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