Inside the Playstation 3

In Figure 8, you can see Playstation 3 with its top cover removed. That is the first image you have when opening the Playstation 3. The black unit on the left is the power supply, the gray unit on the right is the Blu-Ray drive, the small printed circuit board on the lower left corner provides the radio capability (BlueTooth and Wi-Fi) and USB ports and below the Blu-Ray drive you have the motherboard. Below everything is the unit’s cooling system, which you can’t see on this picture.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 8: Inside Playstation 3.

On the pictures below you can see the Playstation 3 completely disassembled. We will talk about each individual part on the following pages.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 9: Playstation 3 disassembled.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 10: Playstation 3 disassembled.

Sony Playstation 3Figure 11: Playstation 3 disassembled.

It is important to note that other versions of Playstation 3 use different components inside. As mentioned, we disassembled the 80 GB model as sold in the USA market on October 2008.

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