The product

Figure 3 shows the side the of the Wraith. The fins are strong and the overall quality is great.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 3: side view

Figure 4 shows the front of the Wraith. As you can see, the mounting clip is similar to other AMD stock coolers.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 4: front view

Figure 5 unveils the top view of the cooler, where you see the fan and its frame.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 5: top view

In Figure 6, you see the base of the cooler, made of pure copper. The Wraith comes with a preapplied thermal compound, but we did not take a picture before installing it for the first time.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 6: the base of the Wraith

Figure 6 shows the detail of the interface between the heatpipes and the base.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 7: base detail

Removing four small screws, it is possible to remove the fan frame. Notice that, inside the frame, there is a small PCB containing some LEDs that lit the AMD logo, which is only visible when the cooler is turned on.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 8: frame removed

Figure 9 shows the fan, made by Delta, model QFR0912H. It is a 92 mm fan, 25.4 mm high, with 3.84 W, 60,47 cfm, and 37 dBA.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 9: fan

Figure 10 shows the heatsink without the fan.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 10: heatsink

Figure 11 shows the AMD logo lit. It should be a nice touch to the cooler, but it is so dim and it so badly placed (it stands facing the memory modules) that, even with a side window on your case, it will possibly be not visible from outside the case.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 11: AMD logo