Configuring Dual Graphics Technology

Configuring the Dual Graphics technology is quite simple. Considering you are using the integrated video of your A6, A8 or A10 CPU, with the driver already installed, just install a compatible video card on your computer and turn it on. As soon as your video card is recognized by the driver, the configuration screen of the AMD Control Center will appear, with the Dual Graphics option already activated. See Figure 3.

AMD Dual GraphicsFigure 3: automatic activation of the Dual Graphics technology

In order to check if the Dual Graphics technology is really activated, you can use a program like GPU-Z. Notice, in Figure 4, that the video adapter is shown as “AMD Radeon R7 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics”. You can also see the field “AMD CrossFire” says it is enabled with two GPUs.

AMD Dual GraphicsFigure 4: checking if the Dual Graphics technology is correctly enabled

If the Dual Graphics technology is not activated, check on the BIOS setup of your motherboard if the “Integrated Graphics” (or similar) option is enabled. On some motherboards, if this option is set as “Auto”, the integrated video is disabled if a video card is installed.