So far the big winner from the AMD-ATI deal is clearly NVIDIA. Today NVIDIA is worth two times and a half more than it was one year ago, while AMD is worth less than it was before buying ATI!

This is simply amazing, AMD bought a 5 billion dollar company and instead of becoming a 15 billion dollar company NVIDIA was the one that became such company!

Also during the last 1-year period Intel market value increased 43%.

Of course the market isn’t static and everything can change. It is probably too early to see any practical results from the ATI buyout by AMD, especially because when AMD bought ATI they claimed that the results from this buyout would be seen only in 2008.

Also, if we consider that one year after AMD announced that it would buy NexGen (the company that gave them K6, the CPU that put AMD back on track) their stock had dropped 33.46%, we wouldn’t worry about AMD stock’s 8.3% drop in one year.

We truly hope that AMD takes our constructive criticism into account and changes the “paper launch” policy ATI is using for some many years; this is a bad habit for everyone, especially for the company’s image, as people get the impression that the company is just a big mouth.

We should perform a new analysis one year from now to see what happened. Let’s wait and see.

Gabriel Torres is a Brazilian best-selling ICT expert, with 24 books published. He started his online career in 1996, when he launched Clube do Hardware, which is one of the oldest and largest websites about technology in Brazil. He created Hardware Secrets in 1999 to expand his knowledge outside his home country.