Cinebench R15

Cinebench R15 is based on the 3D software Cinema 4D. It is very useful to measure the performance gain given by having more than one CPU installed on the system when rendering heavy 3D images. Rendering is one area in which having more than one CPU helps considerably, because usually, rendering software recognizes several CPUs. (Cinebench, for instance, can use up to 256 CPUs.)

Of course, none of the reviewed CPUs is targeted at rendering, but we included this test since it gives a good idea of muti core performance.

Since we were interested in measuring the rendering performance, we ran the CPU test, which renders a “heavy” sample image using all available CPUs or “cores” – either real or virtual – to speed up the process. The resut is given as a score.

 A10-6800K vs Core i3-5150

Here the Core i3-4150 was 5% faster than the A10-6800K, 137% faster than the A6-6400K, and 52% faster than the Pentium G3220. Which is an interesting result, since the Core i3 is a dual-core CPU, while the A10 is a quad-core model.