In our recent review, the Pentium G3220 proved to be faster than the A6-6400K in tasks that depend on CPU power. However, we cannot generalize what we discussed in that review to other CPUs from Intel and AMD: for the CPUs we reviewed today, the Core i3-4150 and the A10-6800K, we have a different scenario.

The Core i3-4150 is barely faster than the A10-6800K in most applications that depend excusivelly on CPU processing power. However, in tasks that depend on the GPU, the A10-6800K shows its talents. Its Radeon HD 8670D integrated video engine is not only faster than the Core i3-4150′s, but it is actually powerful enough to run recent games at medium quality settings with a good framerate.

So, if you want to build a mainstream computer with a discrete graphics card, the Core i3-4150 is a slightly better CPU, but if you will use only the integrated video, for work, multimedia or casual gaming, the A10-6800K is a better choice.