Introduction (Cont’d)

Three cables come from inside the power supply, not using the modular cabling system: the main 20/24-pin motherboard power cable, one ATX12V/EPS12V power cable and one 6-pin auxiliary PCI Express power cable for your video card.

The main motherboard cable comes with a 20/24-pin connector, however this connector isn’t a single 24-pin connector with the option for removing the extra four pins in order to get a 20-pin connector; instead this power supply has a 20-pin power connector with a loose 4-pin power connector on the same cable, as you can see in Figure 5.

Zalman ZM600-HPFigure 5: Main motherboard power connector.

This power supply doesn’t have a separated EPS12V connector; instead it provides two ATX12V connectors that can be put together for form one EPS12V connector (see Figure 6).

Zalman ZM600-HPFigure 6: ATX12V/EPS12V connectors.

The gauge of all main wires is 18 AWG, which is adequate for a power supply on the 600 W power range.

Even though Zalman paid to have its own UL number, this power supply is really manufactured by FSP. On the power supply label is written “Manufactured by SPI Electronics Co., Ltd.,” which is the legal name of FSP.

Zalman ZM600-HPFigure 7: This power supply is manufactured by FSP.

As mentioned, internally this power supply is identical to OCZ GameXstream 700 W, with this model from OCZ not having the heatsink with heat-pipe or the modular cabling system. OCZ StealthXstream 600 W also uses the same project as these two power supplies, but using rectifiers with lower current limits (i.e., “less powerful”) on its secondary. Thus the comparison between ZM600-HP and these two units from OCZ is inevitable.

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