After reviewing a lot of entry-level power supplies using complete obsolete designs it was a joy to see a low-end unit using an updated design with active PFC, power MOSFET transistors, four SATA power connectors (and not just two), two six-pin video card power connectors (and not only just one or even none), efficiency of at least 80% all the time and best of all, able to deliver its labeled power at 48° C.

Not only that. We could easily pull far more than 360 W from this unit. If Zalman wanted, they could have labeled this power supply as a 400 W unit still promising to deliver 80%+ efficiency. Above 400 W, however, efficiency dropped below 80%. But it is always good to know that your power supply can deliver far more than what is on the label, and with this unit we could pull up to 475 W with the unit working just fine. How about that?

For the average user that is building a mainstream PC, this power supply offers one of the best cost/benefit ratios on the market: it delivers not only what the manufacturer promises but more, it uses an updated design, brings the necessary amount of power connectors Average Joe will need and has a terrific price tag. What else do you need?

The only problems we can see with this power supply is the lack of a MOV on the transient filtering stage and the lack an overload protection circuit, and that is the only reason we are giving it our “Silver Award” seal instead of our “Golden Award.” Anyhow, this is a fantastic product for the average user.


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