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Zalman Fatal1ty Case


Inside Zalman Fatal1ty Case

Opening the case we can see something very different from what other manufacturers are doing: Zalman added a pair of hinges, making you to open the case side panel like a regular door. It also doesn’t use screws, making it very easy to open the case.

Zalman Fatal1ty CaseFigure 4: Opening Zalman Fatal1ty case.

Zalman Fatal1ty CaseFigure 5: Inside Zalman Fatal1ty case.

What is very unique about this case design is its three hard disk drive bays. These bays are 90-degree rotated, making it easier for you to install hard disk drives inside this case. It is not only the position of the bays that helps us to install hard disk drives. These bays use a different mechanism where no screw is necessary for us to install our hard disk drives. The only drawback of these bays is that there are only three of them, so if you have more than three hard disk drives you won’t be able to install all of them.

Zalman Fatal1ty CaseFigure 6: Hard disk drive bays.

Zalman Fatal1ty CaseFigure 7: Installing a hard disk drive.