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Xigmatek Aegir CPU Cooler Review


The Xigmatek Aegir

Figure 4 reveals the front of the heatsink. Pay attention to the base, because there are four U-shaped heatpipes touching the CPU directly, but there are two more heatpipes just above them, for a total of six heatpipes.

Xigmatek AegirFigure 4: Front view

Figure 5 presents the side of the cooler, which is partially closed by the fins. Here you see only four of the six heatpipes.

Xigmatek AegirFigure 5: Side view

The top of the cooler is shown in Figure 6, where you can see the shape of the fins. Notice that the dents where you attach the fan exist on both sides of the heatsink, which means that the Aegir supports two fans.

Xigmatek AegirFigure 6: Top view