Home Power XFX 850 W Black Edition Power Supply Review

XFX 850 W Black Edition Power Supply Review


Overload Tests

Below you can see the maximum we could pull from this power supply with it still working within specs. If we tried to pull one more amp from any of the outputs the ripple would go out of range, showing that the power supply stopped working correctly. The idea behind of overload tests is to see if the power supply will burn/explode and see if the protections from the power supply are working correctly. This power supply didn’t burn or explode.

Input Maximum
+12V1 32 A (384 W)
+12V2 32 A (384 W)
+5V 25 A (125 W)
+3.3 V 25 A (82.5 W)
+5VSB 3 A (15 W)
-12 V 0.5 A (6 W)
Total 996.8 W
% Max Load 117.3%
Room Temp. 47.5° C
PSU Temp. 56.9° C
AC Power 1,250 W
Efficiency 79.7%
AC Voltage 100.6 V
Power Factor 0.986