Recently, we published a test where we tried to find out which position of a case fan is the best for CPU temperatures. Now, let’s expand this experiment, comparing the temperatures of the computer “hot spots” under different case fan configurations. Check it out!

In our “Which is the best place to install a case fan? – Part 1” article, we discovered that using an exhaust case fan on the rear or top panel is better than other positions, at least while referring to the CPU temperature.

Today, we will compare the temperature not only for the CPU, but for the GPU (using a discrete video card), motherboard chipset, hard disk drive, and memory modules, with the case fan at different locations: at the rear panel, at the top panel, at the front panel, and at the side panel. We also repeated the test with no case fan at all, with the case’s left panel closed and open, as well as with two fans, one at the rear panel and the other at the front panel, and at the rear and side panels.  We will present the test methodology and results in the following pages.


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master’s degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.