Although many of us enjoy high tech devices, there are times when we still get pleasure from going back to traditional methodology. We may type on the keyboard all day, but still find comfort in writing or drawing with a pencil and paper. Old methodology, like pencil and paper, also can offer better control than a keyboard and mouse. The Wacom Bamboo pen-tablet brings the best of both worlds together. It marries the new and the old by attaching a pen-and-tablet interface to the computer. Yet while this tablet mimics pencil and paper, it is really very high tech.

As you can see from the box in Figure 1, the tablet is officially called “Bamboo Fun” and the text tag on the box reads, “Create Your World.”

Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet ReviewFigure 1: The Box.

When you open the box, the contents are covered with a black insert, which has white text (shown in Figure 2) that says, “This is your Bamboo. Use it to get more out of your computer. Let us know how it goes…” followed by a signature and a happy face. The same message is repeated in German, French, Spanish, and several other languages. It’s a nice touch to the packaging. It doesn’t ad a lot to the device, but it may put a little smile on your face, and that can never be bad.

Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet ReviewFigure 2: Inside the box.

Inside the box, under the insert, you find the tablet itself, a pen and stand, a wireless mouse, a 5’ (1.5 m) USB cable, a black box with software and a package of three replacement writing nibs. All are shown in Figure 3. The nibs are shown on top of the software box.

Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet ReviewFigure 3: The Box contents.

As you can see from Figure 3, the Wacom Bamboo tablet is very sophisticated looking. The silver surround is slanted to create thin edges. The bezel under the tablet area curves down slightly to form a small palm rest, and the silver pad, itself, matches the matt silver surround. The egg-shaped mouse and the pen and holder are all created in the same stylish mat silver finish. While we have found previous Wacom tablets to be well designed, the Bamboo Fun emits an elegance not seen in previous tablets. The Bamboo Fun also comes in white, black and blue. We reviewed the medium model (suggested retail price of USD 199), which measures 11.0" W x 9.3" D x 0.3" H (28 cm x 23.6 cm x 0.76 cm). There is also a smaller sized 5.8" W x 3.7" D (14.7 cm x 9.4 cm) tablet with a suggested retail price of USD 99.


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