Results: Sandra

On Sandra we run the File System Benchmark module and used two parameters, the overall performance (called “index” by Sandra), measured in MB/s, and the random write speed, also measured in MB/s. Usually write speeds are lower than read speeds, so it is also very important to know the write speed, not only the read speed of an USB drive.

USB Flash Drive Roundup

In Sandra Geil David 100 also has achieved the best reading performance, amazingly beating OCZ’s rally. It was 25.22% faster than OCZ Rally 2 GB, 30.91% faster than OCZ Rally 512 MB, 51.58% faster than Kingston DataTraveller Elite 2 GB, 92.00% faster than Corsair Flash Voyager 512 MB and 161.82% faster than Kingston DataTraveller U3 Smart 1 GB.

USB Flash Drive Roundup

As for writing performance, OCZ Rally 2 GB achieved the best result, being 40.00% faster than Geil David 100 256 MB, 75% faster than OCZ Rally 512 MB and Corsair Flash Voyager 512 MB and over 133% faster than other models we reviewed. Here two models from Kingston – Kingston DataTraveller U3 Smart 1 GB and Kingston DataTraveller 2.0 512 MB – achieved the worst results.


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