Installing a Hard Disk Drive

To install a hard drive inside Vi-On you need to open it first. This is done by sliding one of the side panels, but you need to first remove the bottom metallic plate that is attached to the enclosure through four screws. So opening the unit is not fast and here Vi-On loses to other enclosures that have a tool-less mechanism.

Thermaltake Vi-OnFigure 5: Bottom panel and the screws that need to be removed.

Thermaltake Vi-OnFigure 6: Vi-On opened.

The panel that is removed has a rubber padding to reduce the noise level produced by the hard disk drive. The stands where the drive will be installed on have small shock absorbers also to reduced the noise level produced by the drive. No screws are necessary for installing the drive inside the enclosure, which is clearly a plus. As you can see in Figure 7, Vi-On only accepts SATA 3.5” hard disk drives.

Thermaltake Vi-OnFigure 7: Hard disk drive bay.


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