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Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler Review


The Frio

In Figure 4, you see the front of the cooler, where you can see the 120 mm fan with white blades and black frame.

Thermaltake FrioFigure 4: Front view

In Figure 5, you see the cooler from the side. Note the five 8 mm heatpipes.

Thermaltake FrioFigure 5: Side view

In Figure 6, you see the rear side of the cooler. Here, there is a frame where you can install the second fan. Note that the fins are not plain: they are slightly folded at the center, in order to increase the turbulence of the airflow, helping the heat transfer.

Thermaltake FrioFigure 6: Rear view

In Figure 7, you see the top of the cooler. There is a decorative acrylic cap as a top panel.

Thermaltake FrioFigure 7: Top view