BigWater 780e (CL-W0169) is a liquid cooling solution from Thermaltake that goes into three 5.25” bays from your case and is compatible with NVIDIA’s ESA technology, which allows you to monitor the system if you have an ESA-compatible PC. The main building block comes with the water tank, water pump, radiator and a 120 mm fan already assembled. All you need to do is to install the copper CPU block that comes with the product on top of your CPU, install (and cut) the hoses and pour the coolant liquid (which also come with the product) inside the water tank. Let’s take a look at this cooling solution from Thermaltake.

As you can see in Figure 1, the hoses and the coolant liquid are lime green and thus reagent to UV light.

Thermaltake BigWater 780eFigure 1: Parts that come with Thermaltake BigWater 780e.

In Figure 2, you can see BigWater 780e. As explained, it comes with all main parts (water tank, water pump, radiator, 120 mm fan and ESA circuitry) already assembled. Other similar cooling solutions in the BigWater series like BigWater 760i and the forthcoming BigWater 770 use only two 5.25” bays.

Thermaltake BigWater 780eFigure 2: BigWater 780e.

BigWater 780e has two flow indicators, one located on its front panel and another attached to the hose where the coolant liquid enters the unit, see in Figure 3. On this picture you can also see the flow sensor (black wire near the red part) used by the ESA circuit to monitor the water flow.

Thermaltake BigWater 780eFigure 3: Flow indicator.

On Figures 4 and 5 you can have a better look at BigWater 780e. In Figure 4, you can see a wire coming out of the water tank; this wire is connected a sensor that tells you through ESA technology when you need to add more coolant liquid to the system.

Thermaltake BigWater 780eFigure 4: BigWater 780e, top view.

Thermaltake BigWater 780eFigure 5: BigWater 780e, bottom view.


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