The Thermal Compounds (Cont’d)

We also tested the Dow Corning TC-1996 gray thermal compound, shown in Figure 6. This is the thermal compound that came with the Intel XTS100H cooler.

Thermal Compound RoundupFigure 6: Dow Corning TC-1996

Figure 7 displays the TIM Consultants Thermal Grease thermal compound. Its color is also gray. It’s a shame that it comes in a regular injection syringe. Is it too difficult to make a sticker with the manufacturer and product name, and stick it to the tube?

Thermal Compound RoundupFigure 7: TIM Consultants Thermal Grease

In Figures 8 and 9, you can see the Evercool Deep Bomb gray thermal compound.

Thermal Compound RoundupFigure 8: Evercool Deep Bomb

Thermal Compound RoundupFigure 9: Evercool Deep Bomb

We also ran a test using spray oil as a thermal interface. We just sprayed about a drop of oil over the CPU, mounted the cooler and tested. Let’s see if it works.

A detailed look at the other thermal compounds included in this roundup, please read our Thermal Compound Roundup – July 2011 review.


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master’s degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.