How Do I Know Which Z68 Board is Good for Me?

I work for a motherboard manufacturer and have learned there is no point in trying to persuade one user who is a fan of brand X to switch over to brand Y. All I want people to do is research with an open mind and ensure they buy what is best for them – not everyone needs to spend USD 200 on a motherboard, but all the added features could provide you value you won’t find elsewhere! With that said, always look at the specs for what you will use – and for the Z68 that will come down to the display ports (for VIRTU).

Does the board you may be purchasing have the correct outputs? We’ve seen some upcoming Z68 boards from competitors who do not have ANY video outputs on their high end boards, which not only completely diminishes the value of the platform, but more importantly causes confusion for the end user. You will read reviews of the chipset, go buy a mid- to high-end board and find that you cannot take advantage of all the great new technologies that were advertised. So, check the specs and then do some research on the features (and that they are even included!). With performance being a non-factor between individual boards, it all comes down to what individual features will benefit you. And if you ever need help on that, just ask – I can provide you all the links you need to help you on your way.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments – I will gladly answer them and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this editorial.


Rajiv Kothari is an industry insider who moonlights as a computer enthusiast, providing a different perspective and insight to new technologies.