Introduction (Cont’d)

The knob for controlling the speed of the front fan is located on the left side of the case, between the front panel and the side panel, as shown in Figure 5. The location and quality of this knob is highly questionable, however since this case isn’t a high-end unit this isn’t exactly a problem. The knob for controlling the speed of the side fan is located on the rear side of the case and uses one expansion slot (see Figure 8).

Tagan A+ Curbic Figure 5: Knob for controlling the front fan speed.

In Figure 6, you can see the front panel from Curbic. As you can see it has a door, but this door is meshed, allowing air to flow inside the case. All bay covers are also meshed and have thin foam sheets that work as a dust filter.

Tagan A+ Curbic Figure 6: Front panel.

Tagan A+ Curbic Figure 7: Case with its door opened.

In Figure 7, you can see the four external 5.25” bays present on this case. As you can see, this case has a separated external 3.5” bay for floppy disk drives, which can also be used internally by a hard disk drive if you don’t have a floppy disk drive. The power and reset switches are big and located on the lower part of the panel near the front fan, while you can find two USB ports and one mic in and one headphone jack near the external 3.5” bay. The two USB ports are too close to each other, preventing you from installing two “fat” devices at the same time, like USB drives.

Finally we have the rear panel in Figure 8. It uses the traditional ATX layout, adding however a space for installing a 120 mm fan, which doesn’t come with the case. The knob for controlling the lateral fan speed uses one of the available expansion slots.

Tagan A+ Curbic Figure 8: Rear panel.

Now let’s see how Curbic looks like inside.

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