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PIC: The AMD PC for Emerging Markets

Learn about AMD's 50x15 program and their PIC (Personal Internet Communicator) computer targeted to emerging markets.

The New 64-Bit Pentium 4 Processor

Learn about the main features of the new 64-bit Pentium 4 processors (6 series) that were just released.

Firewire Bus (IEEE 1394)

Learn in depth how the Firewire bus (a.k.a. IEEE1394) works.

AMD 64-bit architecture (x86-64)

Learn in depth how the 64-bit architecture from AMD works.

Intel 64-bit architecture (IA-64)

Learn in depth how the Intel IA-64 architecture works.

Who Are the Biggest Board Manufacturers?

Some data about the motherboard market.

Alternative Graphic Chips

Ok, NVIDIA and ATI are the biggest players at the VGA chip market. But how about the other companies like XGI, S3 and Matrox?

USB 2.0

Learn more about the new USB bus.