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New Smartphone? Now or Later?

Ready for a new smartphone? As I write this, there are three smartphones vying for the top spot: the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, the...

iPhone 7 Review – Is Apple Just Playing Catch-Up with the Competition?

Since its inception, the iPhone has been a well-designed, meticulously produced and innovative product. The iPhone 7 is still a thing of beauty with...
Apple Watch 2

A Preview of Apple Watch 2 Specs and Details

A Preview of Apple Watch 2 Specs and Details Apple is tight-lipped about their upcoming product, Apple Watch 2. This has, in fact, added fuel...
apple tv review

The New Apple TV

The new Apple TV gives us a glimpse of the future of TV. We give you an unbiased and detailed review like you have come to expect from HardwareSecrets!