Introduction (Cont’d)

The headset comes with a set of two cables: one with an in-line microphone and two 3.5 mm jacks to plug into a desktop/laptop; and another with an in-line microphone and a play/pause button that works with a mobile device (iOS or Android). This one ends up on a single 3.5 mm jack. Both cables are encased in rubber, and the luxury edition set comes in orange.

FluxFigure 5: Exchangeable ear cups

FluxFigure 6: Cables and extension

Since both cables are not long, the luxury edition features an extension cord so the headset can be plugged into the rear of a desktop PC, which is usually farther from the user than a laptop on the table. The extension is thus unnecessary if he or she uses the Flux with a laptop or a cellphone in his or her pocket. The luxury edition also comes with a transport bag.

FluxFigure 7: Detail of the microphone and play/pause switch

FluxFigure 8: Transport bag

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