Not everybody jumped on the mechanical keyboard’s bandwagon. For those who prefer membrane models, the Apex [RAW] is an efficient no-frills product that sticks to the basics. The ease of programming and the key layout make this peripheral ideal for macro enthusiasts. The design is elegant, and although it doesn’t have the sturdiness of a mechanical model, the Apex [RAW] endures hours of gaming. The rubber feet make it very stable, but they are not as practical as having flippable feet.

Strong Points

  • Lots of well-positioned macro keys
  • Nice option for those who dislike mechanical keyboards
  • Intelligent software associates macros to games and applications
  • Keys with different shapes make typing easier
  • Full illumination
  • Elegant design

Weak Points

  • Rubber feet take time to adjust
  • Lack of spare USB ports to hook up other peripherals

A self-assumed gadget-freak and an avid gamer, André Gordirro has written about pop culture, Internet and technology for the past ten years. He works for SET Magazine, Brazil’s biggest movie magazine, and usually contributes to its technology section writing about consumer products. His body lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – although his mind is said to inhabit cyberspace.