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SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Review


Introduction (Cont’d)

The Apex [RAW] features 17 macro keys: a horizontal set (M1-M12) rests above the function keys F1-F12; and there are five more macro keys (MX1-MX5) on the left side. Right above them, the user finds the L1-L2 buttons that change “macro levels” – essentially doubling the number of macros, from 17 to 34.

Apex RAWFigure 5: Upper macro keys

Apex RAWFigure 6: Side macro keys

Turning over the Apex [RAW], we can see four round rubber feet, and the upper two can be exchanged for two slightly bigger ones. This increases the angle of the keyboard from 7 to 10 degrees on the desktop.

Apex RAWFigure 7: Underside with low feet

Apex RAWFigure 8: Underside with high feet

Apex RAWFigure 9: Extra feet

From the upper side emerges the rubber USB cable.

Apex RAWFigure 10: Upper side and cable