Strong Points

  • One of the cheapest Blu-Ray players available today ($299.99 at Best Buy and at Sony website)
  • Excellent upscaler quality for DVD movies

Weak Points

  • Takes an eternity to turn on.
  • The player has slow response to commands like previous/next chapter and scan backwards/forward.
  • We couldn’t make it region free.
  • Recognized our 1080p HDTV as 720p when we set video resolution to “auto.”

Final Thoughts

This is a unit that we would buy for ourselves if it weren’t for the fact that we couldn’t make it region free, because we have a huge DVD collection with movies from regions 1 and 4. If you are going to play only region-free (“region 0”) or region 1 discs then this unit is a great pick, especially because its cost/benefit ratio: great price and excellent image quality for DVDs – if the relative slowness of this unit doesn’t bother you.


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