The Front Panel

The front panel of the Precision PS08 is made of plastic and has two external 5.25” bays, using solid covers. The quality of the plastic parts is not the same as the one seen on more expensive models from the same manufacturer, but since we are talking about a USD 40 case, this is not an issue.

SilverStone PS08 CaseFigure 4: Front panel

The SilverStone Precision PS08 comes with a 120 mm fan on its front panel, with an air filter, a feature not usually seen on low-cost cases. This fan uses a three-pin connector and spins at 1,200 rpm (Hong Hua HA1225L12SA). An optional 80 mm fan can also be installed on the front panel together with the 120 mm fan that comes with the case.

SilverStone PS08 CaseFigure 5: Front fan

The case comes with two USB 3.0 ports and the traditional audio jacks at the middle of the front panel. See Figure 6. The USB 3.0 ports use an internal connector.

SilverStone PS08 CaseFigure 6: Connectors

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