The Top, Bottom, and Rear Panels

The top panel of the Precision PS07 can be seen in Figure 6. It has a mesh for the power supply fan, which comes with a magnetic air filter, making it very easy to remove and clean this filter. The bottom panel, shown in Figure 7, does not have any fancy features.

SilverStone Precision PS07 caseFigure 6: Top panel

SilverStone Precision PS07 caseFigure 7: Bottom panel

The top, bottom, and rear panels of the Precision PS07 are identical to the Temjin TJ08-E’s.

The rear panel and the interior of the SilverStone Precision PS07 are painted black.

The case has four expansion slots, using vented covers. These covers, however, are silver. We think the manufacturer should have added black covers to better match the case.

There is a space for you to install a 120 mm fan on the rear panel, but the case doesn’t come with this fan. While some users may think this is a disadvantage, the presence of two 120 mm fans on the front panel should be more than enough to cool down typical computers. In addition, it creates a positive air flow configuration (i.e., there is more forced air entering the case than exiting it). If you are building a high-end system inside the PS07, then you may consider adding the rear fan. Also, if you plan to install a sealed liquid cooling solution, you will use this space to install the radiator. In this scenario, you would need to remove the fan if it came with the case.

On the SilverStone Precision PS07, the power supply goes on the top part of the case.

SilverStone Precision PS07 caseFigure 8: Rear panel

Let’s now take a look inside the SilverStone Precision PS07.


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