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SilverStone AR02 CPU Cooler Review


The SilverStone AR02 (Cont’d)

Figure 7 shows the base of the cooler. The heatpipes make direct contact with the CPU. The surface is smooth but not mirrored.

SilverStone AR02Figure 7: Base

In Figure 8, you can see the 92 mm PWM fan that comes with the AR02. Its model is AS9225H12, with a nominal speed of 2,800 rpm and airflow of 56 cfm.

SilverStone AR02Figure 8: Fan

Figure 9 presents the AR02 with the fan installed. The fan holding system is one of the best we have ever seen, with rubber pieces that connect to the sides of the heatsink. It is very secure and also easy to install and remove, and also avoids vibrations.

SilverStone AR02Figure 9: Fan installed