ST-380PAS is the latest entry-level power supply from Seventeam, featuring active PFC and a 120 mm fan on the bottom. Is it a good product? Can it deliver its labeled power? Check it out.

Seventeam is one of the few real power supply manufacturers around. They are the company behind of power supplies from XG/MGE and some models from Cooler Master.

One funny detail is the sticker in Engrish saying “Breakage Invalid” instead of “Warranty Void if Broken,” a common “feature” on all Seventeam power supplies.

Seventeam ST-380PAS power supplyFigure 1: Seventeam ST-380PAS power supply.

Seventeam ST-380PAS power supplyFigure 2: Seventeam ST-380PAS power supply.

ST-380-PAS is a small power supply (5 ½” or 14 cm deep).

Only the main motherboard cable use a nylon protection, which comes from inside the power supply housing, as you can see in Figure 3.

The main motherboard cable uses a 20/24-pin connector and this unit comes with two ATX12V connectors that together form one EPS12V connector.

The reviewed power supply comes with four peripheral cables: one with one six/eight-pin auxiliary power connector, one with three SATA power connectors, one with two standard peripheral power plugs and one with one standard peripheral power plug and one floppy disk drive power connector.

All wires are 18 AWG, which is the correct gauge to be used.

We think Seventeam could have added at least one extra peripheral power plug, as this power supply comes only with three of them. Even though ST-380PAS comes with three SATA power plugs, the distance between the first and the last one if of only 11 1/32” (28 cm), so you may have trouble installing a SATA optical drive and a SATA hard disk drive on this cable depending on the bays you choose to install these devices.

On the good side we have an EPS12V connector, feature usually not found on sub-400 W power supplies, and the video card power plug being a six/eight-pin connector.

The distance between the power supply housing and the first connector on each cable is of 16 17/32” (42 cm) and the distance between each connector on cables that have more than one plug is of 5 ½” (140 mm).

Seventeam ST-380PAS power supplyFigure 3: Cables.

Now let’s take an in-depth look inside this power supply.


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