The Japanese high-end CPU cooler manufacturer Scythe will be launching a new CPU cooler in the next few weeks, called Kama Cross. We had the chance to take a look at this forthcoming CPU cooler before its official release, check it out.

Like all CPU coolers from Scythe, Kama Cross will have a unique design. It will have two heatsinks installed in “V” relatively to the CPU, each one connected to the cooler aluminum base by three copper heat-pipes, for a total of six heat-pipes. On top of the two heatsinks there is a 100 mm fan running at 1,500 rpm and providing 42.69 cfm of airflow. This fan can be replaced by a 120 mm if you like.

Scythe Kama CrossFigure 1: Scythe Kama Cross package.

Scythe Kama CrossFigure 2: Scythe Kama Cross.

Scythe Kama CrossFigure 3: Scythe Kama Cross.

Scythe Kama CrossFigure 4: Scythe Kama Cross.

This new CPU cooler will come with three different CPU clips making it compatible with all Intel and AMD CPUs on the market, including sockets 754, 939, 940, AM2, 478 and 775.

Scythe Kama CrossFigure 5: CPU clips.

Users that already know Scythe products can clearly note that this product isn’t as high-end as other CPU coolers from this Japanese manufacturer, being more like a mid-range product, compared to other products from them, of course. It should arrive the US market costing around USD 50.00.

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