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Samsung SP1604N Hard Disk Drive Review


Main Specs

  • Capacity: 160 GB nominal, 149.05 GB real

  • Rotation speed: 7,200 rpm

  • Access time: 8.9 ms

  • Interface: ATA/133

  • Cache: 2 MB (ESMT M12L16161A-5T)

  • Controller chip: Marvell 88i6522

  • More information: http://www.samsung.com

  • Average price in the USA*: USD 90.00

* Researched on http://www.pricewatch.com on the day this review was published.

How We Tested

On our benchmarking we used the following configuration.

Hardware Configuration

  • CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz

  • Motherboard: Chaintech CT-9CJS Zenith (Intel 875P)

  • Memory: Two 256 MB PC3200 TwinMOS memory modules in DDR Dual Channel configuration

  • VGA: Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro

  • Video resolution: 800x600x32

Software Configuration

  • Windows XP Professional using NTFS file system

  • Service Pack 1A

  • Direct X 9.0A

  • Intel Inf driver version: 5.00.1012

  • ATI video driver version: 7.88 (

Benchmarking software used

We adopted a 3% error margin. So, performance differences below 3% cannot be considered meaningful. In other words, products where the performance difference is below 3% must be considered as having similar performance.